This is a completely improvised funeral

But what does that mean? Taking your suggestions we will show the life and times of a fictitious individual. With vibrant vicars, horrendous hymns, and flashbacks to the life of the deceased.

With the dead person being completely fictitious and made up based on your suggestions you have no worries, this is the only funeral you’re allowed to laugh at. You'll die laughing as we urn your applause putting the fun into funeral.

Mock death, celebrate life, and have a jolly good laugh at An Improvised Funeral. Coming to the Leicester Comedy Festival (Leicester Cathedral) and the Brighton Fringe (St. Mary’s Church)

"Refreshingly interactive" Opening Night

"Devilishly funny" Daily Info

"Dead Funny" Oxford Mail

“Giving audience members a chance to laugh at the thing they worry about the most – their own mortality.” Leicester Mercury